Productive workspaces produce healthier, happier staff, which leads to better results for your business.

1 – Do your research

Do you want to be a cut above the rest and ensure that your design has a modern edge + longevity? Research trending office fit-outs on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, or even better, take a field trip to one of Australia’s major cities to gain office inspiration. CCFNQ is happy to work with your innovative ideas.

2 – Think outside the box

When it comes to your new commercial office space think modern, new age, and technically advanced. A few instalments which CCFNQ have recently completed include stand up desks, which provide an ergonomically friendly option for employees. Quiet rooms or brainstorming pods are an excellent way for an employee to remove from the social aspect of the workplace and knuckle down, or even take 15 to meditate for improved productivity.

3 – Bring the outside in

The trend of introducing natural elements into the workplace is increasing in popularity and for good reason! Natural light can help to improve productivity and alertness, after all, in the corporate world, we spend around 90% of our time indoors. Incorporating permanent plants or planter boxes into the office is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also improves the air recycling in the space.

4 – De-clutter

We would like to reassure you that there is no office space to big or small! We have storage ideas and solutions which will make the most effective use of your space. De-clutter your office by maximising the potential of the area in which you are working. Having an organised workplace provides the best environment for boosted productivity.

Have a chat to the team at CCFNQ about how you can achieve your next highly productive workspace!