At Collins Constructions we see Cairns for all that it is worth, the beauty in the contrast of the old and new which exists in our (not so small) town. From heritage-listed relics dating back to the 1900s like the Boland’s Centre in the city to Cairns’ most recent modern establishment, the Bailey.

We work with all of these beautiful buildings, understanding the differences in which time and technology have changed structures and techniques. After all, things were done slightly differently over a century ago.

Recently we had the pleasure to work with the Bolands’ centre undertaking restorative works in order to maintain the building’s persona and integrity. Working within the bones of a building built over a century ago was certainly a contrast to the modern and innovative office spaces which we often create.

This got us wondering which type of office space we preferred. Our director Pelham Collins is a stickler for classic design; however, uses a plethora of techy gadgets & knows the benefits of innovative office structures like meeting pods & stand up desks.

So, why not have both? we believe there really are no limits or boundaries when it comes to creating the optimum commercial space to suit your needs. We can create a classic space with all the modern conveniences that you may need.

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